FO: Baby born clothes

Whoehoe, I finished it in time. This was some last minute knitting. It’s a christmas gift for the little girl my mom babysits. I started way to late, but I just finished it, so it’s on time.

The yarn I used is some old yarn, don’t know which brand, but I’m sure they don’t make it anymore. The pattern I used is a dutch pattern. For everyone who is interested in how it was supposed to look, click here

This is what I made of it:

That is so adorable!

Adorable! What little girl wouldn’t love it? :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Love it. It looks so soft too.

well, now it feels soft, but the yarn was like hell to knit with. not soft at all.

looks good to me, nice job. :cheering:

That is too cute!

thanks a lot :muah:

That is so cute!

I couldn’t help but think how those colors and shapes would make a great outfit for a Davey Crockett doll!

Mama Bear

ooooh that is so gorgeous!!! I just had a friend deliver her baby a month early so now i’m in a real mess! I has just started on a blanket cuz i thought i had 1 month but i guess not.

Do you know if there is a copy of that in English anywhere??? i would love to make her something like that!!!

Well, I don’t think there are any english patterns like this. at least, I haven’t found them. but the doll is 17" long, so I don’t think that’ll fit even a premature.

but everything is knitted in garterstich (although you can’t see that because of the yarn)

Just adorable!

I’ve knitted a little scarf to go with it: