FO: baby booties

These are baby booties that I just finished. Do you think the ribbon and button look ok? I wanted to do a bow with tails but mine never turn out looking nice so i went with this instead. Not sure about it.

Those are adorable!! And yes, I think the ribbon and button look really cute :slight_smile:

PERFECT! The button and bow look great.

I think they’re adorable! Love the ribbon and button.

I think the ribbons and buttons look adorable! Nice work. :slight_smile:

Ohhh those are sooo cute! Just make sure they are attached really well because babies chew on their feet sometimes. :wink:

They look lovely :slight_smile:

I was thinking the same thing as I was sewing the buttons on. But these booties are really tiny so I don’t even think they will fit the baby once he’s able to start chewing on them.

They are so cute! :inlove:

These are soooo cute! Thanks for sharing!

Too cute!! The ribbons and buttons are just darling :heart:

I love the buttons, I think it’s a brilliant idea!! :thumbsup:

:inlove: too cute and I love the buttons!

I think they are absolutely ADORABLE! Nice little embellishments, too. Very artistic!

Oh, those are just adorable. Love the color. The button and bow combination is cute, but buttons around babies make me a little bit nervous.

Those are such cute booties. I love the bumpiness of the yarn, and the ribbon and button are very nice. The ribbon picks up the blue and adds the complimentary yellow that you then picked up the yellow with the button to really nice affect.

Are they hard to knit?? The color is so soft:cheering:

They were not hard to knit at all! I however can not find the website where I found the pattern. I’ll keep searching and get back to you. I do have it downloaded into my computer so if nothing else, I could send it to you that way - it was a free pattern.

How Cute!:heart: