FO: baby booties

I used this pattern for inspiration and the booties are for my newborn grandniece. The yarn is a soft acrylic yarn for babies.

The bonnet, mittens, and booties are adorable and so well made! Lucky grand-niece!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Judy D

Your Grand niece is one lucky baby!!! That set is absolutely gorgeous, esp the sweater.!!!

those are so sweet-beautiful!! :muah:

Congratulations on your new grand niece !! :cheering:

The whole outfit is beautiful, and you did a great job!! What a lucky baby girl!


Those are so cute! I like what you did rather than the space bootie look in the pattern! :teehee:

Those are adorable! Too, too cute!!! :heart:

Thanks :muah:

@Jan in CA
Yes, space bootie…As I saw the Christine’s bootie pattern for the first time in my mind’s eye suddenly showed up Neil Armstrong :roflhard:

I didn’t see this one…it’s perfect with the mittens. What a cute set…and best of all, they’re handmade. :heart: :heart:

very nice!!! Your grand-niece will have awesome booties to wear home from the hospital!! Every woman–even grand-nieces need good footwear!

Cutie~ pattottie~~ :teehee: