FO: Baby bootie (practice!)

…had trouble with the post, so I’m sorry if it shows up multiple times…

My first baby bootie knit in the round is a success, thanks to Amy’s videos!

I used my (un-baby-like) wool practice yarn with this Bamboozle pattern. It came out as advertised, a little over 4inches. I think this is too big for a newborn, but when I make the ‘real’ set I’ll be using smaller needles and yarn.

The photo is a bit doctored-up in photoshop because I couldn’t get it to come out bright enough to see the stitches (this wool sucks the light in I guess).

Anyway, what fun!


How cute! :heart: I actually like the “un-baby-like” colors.

Those are cute! :heart:

Those would make cute cute toddler “slippers” in that great color!

That’s a cute one!

adorable! and remember little baby feet grow so fast… the newborn booties only fit a little while. might be nice to have different sizes!

Thanks for the feedback!

I will definitely make a couple different sizes and color themes as part of the gift set.


How adorable :slight_smile:

:happydance: It looks great!! Good job!! Can’t wait to see your “Ugg” booties!!! :happydance: