FO - Baby Blocks Afghan - UPDATED - corected picture links

I’m soooooo happy that this is finally finished! It took about a month to complete. The pattern is Baby Blocks from the Leisure Arts book Our Best Knit Baby Afghans.

The yarn is Bernat cottontots in Wonder White. I figured that was safest since we don’t know the sex of the baby. Knitted up on US 6 Addi Turbos (24" at first, then switched to 47" cables).

I enjoyed the process and the pattern but am dissappointed that the sides are curling a little bit and the yarn pills - both during knitting and after washing & drying - but it is very soft. Some of the YO look goofy, but it is hand made!

[size=2]Edited to add in pictures - img links not working[/size]

Very pretty! :cheering:

I love it!


I’m getting a broken link… :crying:

I had to right click on the little symbol-thingy and select view picture.

I tried that last time {and again just now}… still the dreaded X. :frowning:

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It looks wonderful! Don’t worry about the little flaws, like you say, it is hand made.

Great job! :thumbsup:

Sorry for the troubles with the pictures - I added them as attachments instead of using the image source.

Thanks for the compliments everyone!

I think its precious, so adorable!