FO Baby blanket

I finished my first attempt at a pieced-together blanket. My ultimate goal is to make a covering for my (very large) bed, so I thought I’d start small:

The flower in upper left tucks through the loop opposite to act as a loose button.
There are a lot of technical flaws (like the squares not actually being square!) but I learned a lot from it, and that was the main goal.
The finished product is cozy, colorful, and machine washable, so I hope the 6-month-old I made it for won’t be too critical. :wink:

That’s a great looking baby blanket! I bet some of the “un-squareness” will wash out, don’t you think?

I like the fact that it can be buttoned closed, too. In fact, I should make some kind of similar blanket for my husband–maybe one that attaches to three sides of the bed–because his covers ALWAYS end up on the floor!

Meanwhile, this little kiddo’s got a warm, gorgeous blanket to enjoy!!


Betcha baby loves snuggling up in that. I like your colors.

Very pretty!

I made a crocheted cover for my bed once (CA King)…by the time I got done with it I was so sick of it I immediately dumped it in the Goodwill. :lol:

Thanks guys, the colors are all pretty washed out in the picture; I basically fell in love with the green (LionBrand Forest Green Heather) and picked up whatever matched. The weird thing is I only needed one skein each of green, purple, and blue, but the yellow skein was 2 yards short! So, I had to make a special trip to the store just for that, and now I have almost 200 extra yards of yellow. Maybe I’ll go knit some tulips and pretend spring is here already…

And Jan, your experience bodes ill for me, as a Ca King is my eventual goal. Maybe I can find a pattern that features cats; I’m an avowed cat lover, so I’d never get tired of it then. Right? :o

Cats? Look at this: I’ve done it and my grandson who is very literal could see the cats w/o being told they were there so it worked for me. I don’t remember what I made now :teehee: but my granddaughter liked it.

My daughter has a log cabin crocheted blanket that is at least 6’ square. She rarely asks for something specific so when she wanted it for her birthday, I said OK… She loves it. I’m not sure I would have wanted to keep it for myself, I understand.


This is a very successful first blanket. You chose strong colors in a very pleasing combination. It’s really a delight to look at and I’m sure it will delight baby and family. Great job!

Very cute and great colors too

Great job on your first blanket! It looks lovely, very warm and cozy.

Very nice!!! :happydance:

It’s a great blanket! I like your choice of colors! They’re great together…just the right shade of each. Not everyone gets that right!