FO: Baby Blanket

I finished this little baby blanket last night. My coworker is having a baby girl in November. You can also see more pictures, and notes on Ravelry. Thanks for looking!

I LOVE the pattern, and the colors! Congrats on a job well done. Did it take you long to make? I need to do one up for a friend, pronto.

Very cute and I like the way the basketweave pattern “moves.” Lovely colors too.

Thank you :slight_smile: No, it didn’t take long. Duration was 11 days but I didn’t knit every day. Only when I had time between work and school. The pattern is easy to memorize, and it’s even better to keep track of if you use markers between every 8 stitches, where it changes. If I didn’t, I would’ve got lost because I tend to watch TV, and I’m not THAT good of a knitter yet.

Also, my version is only 21.5 x 25.5 inches. So it’s not very big, but I think it’s a great size for newborn/infant.

Very colorful! Great job!

Aw, cute! Pretty bright colours make me think of a happy energetic baby :slight_smile:

Oh how pretty!!

Really pretty blanket and in great colors. What yarn did you use?

JoAnn’s Rainbow Sensation Classic - I seen it as a suggestion on a Ravelry baby blanket. I’m a little worried it’s too fuzzy for a little baby, but I’m not sure about these things. I thought washing/drying would smooth it, but it didn’t. You can’t really see the fuzziness in the pictures though.

Beautiful! And it only took 11 days? That’s awesome!

Love it!!

Oooooo wow! I ADORE your blanket!!!

Lovely interplay of the colors. Looks wavelike. It doesn’t look too fuzzy for a baby to me. Very nice! :heart: