FO: Baby Blanket

There are some errors in it, which annoys me as I was being VERY careful not to miss YOs etc. Plus, when am I going to get even tension for pete’s sake?!

It’s a very pretty blanket! For your son?

It looks like garter so if it’s washable wash it dry it then give it a tug this way and that and it usually straightens out the tension.

Yes - for my son :slight_smile:

He’ll love it! What could be better than a lovely blanket, beautifully knit by his mother? It looks perfect.

What errors?!?! It’s beautiful.

Agreed - it looks great to me, and knit with something more important than tension…love! :thumbsup:

You’ve got a beautiful baby blankie there! [I]I[/I] certainly don’t see any mistakes, and your tension looks perfect.

Besides, your son won’t find a blessed thing wrong with it, and he’ll be wearing it for his superhero cape before you know it!

It looks very nice. Garter, although easy to do (albeit slow) is hard to get perfect tension on. So don’t beat yourself up and like Jan said washing it will even thing up. :thumbsup:

Oh lovely! The ribbon is a very artistic touch! Great work!!!

I copied what other people on Rav did. :smiley:

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR=“Magenta”]That is truley VERY pretty and I really want to make one for me NOT anyone elce so it would be AWESOME if you could put the pattern in Pattern Central[/COLOR][/FONT]



Oh how perfectly sweet. It’s beautiful! You did a wonderful job!

Just think, your son doesn’t know what the mistakes are, he just knows it’s soft and warm. As he grows those small imperfections won’t be mistakes to him, but loving characteristics of his favourite blanket.

Every stitch, even a wrong one is a stitch that passed through your fingers. Each one was knit with love. That’s all your son will see. :heart:

(though, I don’t see any mistakes myself. I think it looks just perfect!)

ERRORS!? What errors? This looks like a cute little blanket. I would reommend washing it on a low setting. You don’t wanna mess with the ribbon too much(: