FO: Baby blanket

Blanket is from the booklet Easy Timeless Blankies which I downloaded from e-patterns central. This one is Mint Melody done in Bernat’s Baby Sport on #7 needles. It didn’t photograph particularly well.


Very nice! I wish my edges were as neat as yours, lol. Was it knit all as one piece, or in sections?

Very pretty! :thumbsup:

Pretty little blanket!

Thank you!

It was knit all in one piece…140 stitches worth. Finished size is 32" x 40".


Wow … that must have taken you some time! Great job :cheering:

Pretty! Love the color!

That is a very sweet baby blanket. I admire anyone with the discipline to knit a blanket.

It looks wonderful! And I think the photos are fine!
This blanket will be a great one for everyday use! I love blankets that are USEABLE every single day!!!

Beautiful!!! Great job! I know it took some time on size 7’s!!

Very pretty color, and great job with the pattern

Looks snuggly!