FO: Baby blanket

I don’t know if anyone would remember that baby blanket I started forever ago… but I finally finished it! :cheering:

The recipient loved and it she’s due in a couple weeks.

Finally! does a little shimmy and runs off


Nice job and just in time for the wee one. :happydance:

Great job ! :cheering:

Feels Good!

Lovely :slight_smile:

Great job! It turned out beautiful!

That’s great!! It looks wonderful, so cheery :thumbsup:

So sunny! So cheerful! What a great blankie! Oh my, don’t blankets just seem to take forever?? A real labor of love! Great work! Thanks for sharing the photo with us!

Very pretty ,I have just finished croching a baby blanket in blue.

Great job! I’m glad the mom-to-be loved it!

Right on time:thumbsup: Looks great and the color is gender-neutral, if the mom-to-be doesn’t know yet.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments :slight_smile:

I think she knows, but she liked it and liked that it was a cheerful colour.

Now on to learn to make socks!

:happydance: it looks great!!