FO: Baby Blanket

Here’s a baby blanket I made for a new niece due in October. I used
the Hobby Horse cloth pattern from SMarieK Knits on blogspot which I
modified a bit, a basic bobble pattern and made up the center baby
square myself. It’s knit in a nice velvety cotton yarn and I’m actually
pretty happy with the outcome :slight_smile:


Libby ! It is beautiful :slight_smile: I am sure it will be cherished . Lovely work !

I love the blanket. so pretty, Lucky baby

It’s absoutely gorgeous!!! WOW!! Great job!

That is so cute, Libbie! You did a great job on it and I love the lil horses!

Very nice!

Cute. XD I love it.

That is wonderful!!! :muah:

Hey There!

Wow!!! This blanket really made me take a double-take:notworthy: That has to be one of the most beautiful baby blankets I’ve seen yet:yay: The YOs for the rocking horses are so clever!! very, very lucky baby;)

WELL DONE!cloud9 :woot: :woohoo:


Libbie you did a terrific job! It’s such a cute blankie.

Wonderful afghan – the baby is sure to love the textures.

Very pretty x

wow, that is beautiful… I love the colors you choose, they work very well together!

What a lucky baby!

The blanket is beautiful.

its georgous, the colours are great. lucky baby.

That’s amazing!! I don’t think I could do that ANY time soon. The eyelet design is great, good job!!

What a [I]beautiful [/I]blanket!! :inlove:

Very smooth stitching. I like it. How did you make the bumps? That’s a great blanket.

The “bumps” are called bobbles or bobble stitch, if you want to look
them up via google, and they are really easy to do. In the videos
section of this site under "Advanced Techniques: Decorative Stitches"
there is a demo of how to make them.

Libbie :slight_smile:

Such a sweet baby blanket. She will be stylin’.:inlove: