FO: Baby blanket

beautiful, what a great gift

What a beautiful blanket, you did a great job!

I started a blanket thread in the pattern forum, still deciding what to make for a shower mid-August. This might be perfect, thanks!

What pattern did you use and what yarn. I think it is sooo pretty. I would like to do one just to put back for when I need it.

Alyce… the pattern and yarn that she used has already been mentioned in this forum. Just read some more in the forum. It should be about page 2. I hope this helps.

Lovely pattern stitch. That will be perfect whether it’s a girl or boy and will be great for passing on to the next baby or generation of babies. You have created an heirloom!

Really really really lovely, and classy! Wow!!

Thanks for sharing the final 'bow" too! How nice!

You must be so proud! I would be!

I wish I had been able to deliver this gift myself. I mailed it a couple weeks ago and they got it yesterday. Just in time, the baby is due any day now. I knew my friend would love the blanket but I was not expecting the reaction I got. I was so touched by the email I received from him that I actually cried. It’s so nice to make something for someone that really appreciates it.

Thank you everyone for your comments. I am really proud of this piece.

:inlove: very pretty!