FO Baby Blanket

I’ve been working on this for a while. The baby is due 3/24! Whew! I made it in time! Still have one washcloth I’m working on, but that will be finished today. She now has my permission to have him! LOL I made this with Red Heart Soft in the light teal color. After I had picked the yarn, I found out she had painted the baby’s room teal. Pretty cool huh? This pattern is in the Leisure Art book, “our best Knit Baby Afghans.”

and closeup:

That is a beautiful blanket! Sure to be mom’s favorite!

Fabulous I love the colour x

Wow. And what a beautiful color!

Very pretty and love that teal! Such a rich color!

That’s one of my favorite blanket patterns. I love the teal!

That’s [I]really[/I] pretty, lucky baby!

What a lucky baby! I :heart: the color and the pattern

Beautiful, love the pattern and color.

It’s really very lovely!
I’ve never seen a pattern like it anywhere.

Very Pretty!! I’m also making a baby blanket but will never have it finished before the baby comes. oh well.

That is so pretty…i love that pattern! What a lucky baby!


Very nice!

:inlove: very pretty!!

You are psychic! Very nice blanket. :thumbsup:

Very pretty!