FO-Baby Blanket

This is for my Aunt’s first grandbaby. It is also my first attempt at lining a blanket.

oh that looks so cozy! my dd just said “I wish I had that”. :slight_smile:

Very nice! I love the hearts. You picked the right day to post this! Good job! The lining looks fantastic too! Keep up the good work.

Thank you, I forgot it was Valentine’s Day

That is beautiful! Very nice work :slight_smile:

Nice blankie! I gotta learn how to sew so I can line things too:teehee:

Beautiful! As well as cozy looking!

Just gorgeous!

The most I have sewn before this lining and the Sophie purse lining was a pair of plain curtains. My sewing machine is EVIL :twisted: and hates me most of the time.

Lovely blanket! Nice fabric lining it too, a lucky baby will receive that!

That’s beautiful! I always wondered how lining would work on knitted items because they stretch. How did you sew it on? Is it tacked the middle somehow?

Wow…that is simply gorgeous - you did a great job!

I’m not a sewer either…you are inspiring me! :hug:

Simply beautiful! You really did a wonderful job on both the knitting and the lining.

That looks wonderful. It will be so warm and cosy.

Great job! I have my first baby blanket OTN … hope mine turns out as nice as yours! I probably won’t line mine though. :slight_smile:

Aww, that’s so sweet, you did a really great job!

I sewed a hem around the edge, then laid the blanket out flat and pinned the lining in place everywhere. There were so many pins!! I whip stitched the edges down using the back loops of the knitting. There is no tacking down the middle so the lining can move with the knitting without puckering.

omg! good job!

:yay: it looks wonderful! She will love it :heart:

Looks great!