FO Baby Blanket

I thought I would post my other most recent FO. This blanket is also from Cleckheaton No.948 pattern book. The colour is a dusky pink but for some reason doesn’t really show up on my camera.

Wow, that is really pretty!


She is going to look lovely in that cute little outfit, wrapped up in this absolutely gorgeous baby blanket. When do you find time to make such wonderful things with two small boys running around? Congrats again, that is a simply fantastic baby blanket.

oh that’s beautiful!

that is beautiful!

That’s nice work - thanks for sharing … I might have to go and make a blanket now :cool:

That is beautiful.

Beautiful blanket!!! :hug:

:inlove: love that! Great job :thumbsup:

Love it! =D

:inlove: That is beautiful! Well done!

What a beautiful blanket. I really looks neatly done!

I’m making a baby blanket too.

Very Beautiful!

Thats lovely well done x

simply beautiful!!

Very pretty!

:woohoo: Wow what a beautiful blanket! I also love the baby outfit that you made! I looked up the pattern number that you gave and it says it is an Australian company. I would love to make that blanket for my co-worker who is becoming grandma for the first time:cheering:
Do you know where I can buy the pattern from?



Wow, that is so beautiful :inlove: Do you know where I could locate the pattern?