Fo: Baby blanket

Here’s the baby blanket I made for my upcoming dgs.

I used the usual diagonal pattern. I decided to make stripes to break up the monotony, which was fine until I had all those ends to weave in!

The yarn was Red Heart warm brown and I Love This Yarn in Ivory, alternating every 20 rows.

Lovely job! Can you share an online diagonal pattern? The rug I am making I am able to spit/join…I am thrilled there will be no ends as such to weave in…yayyyyyyyy

The pattern is pretty simple.

CO 4 stitches

row 1: knit

row 2: k2, yo, knit across

repeat row 2 until desired width.

Decrease side:

K1, k2 tog, yo, k2 tog, k across

repeat until 4 sts remain, k 1 row

That’s it!

I love the blanket! I need to knit that for my little cousin to snuggle up in sometime. :slight_smile:

Great job! It will keep him all warm and cozy!

Oh how lovely.


Awesome job!!! I love the colors…I always love it when people steer away from the usual pastels. :muah:Pastels are great too though just not my personal preference I’ll only use it if there’s a request :teehee:

[COLOR=sienna]that’s really nice, I just started a diag. blanket and got bored really fast, I like the stripes idea-not the weaving in ends part, but that’s part of it. How’d you get it to be rectangle. I’ve used that pattern for dishcloths and they NEVER come out square or rectangle, always diamond shaped, they look akward.[/COLOR]