Fo: Baby blanket

Here is my finished baby blanket it is 32" by 32"I washed it and dryed it and it came out great it is shine worsted from knitpicks the color is Wisteria.

That is just beautiful!!

Wow!!! That is stunning!

:muah: That’s Beautiful. Great job on it :cheering: .

I love the way it turned out! :slight_smile: :cheering:

that looks great- what a treasure for that child!

Beautiful! Love the cable up through the middle. :heart: What does the back look like? If you don’t mind me asking… :??

Simple yet elegant. :cheering:

Stunning! A beautiful yarn selection, and excellent execution. I’m especially fond of the cable! I’m jealous!

It is just lovely!

Thanks everyone! The back just looks like the wrong side but not bad .

Pretty~! :eyebrow:

looks great! can i ask, how much yarn did you use, and what size needles?

Sure ,I used about 16 balls of shine worsted double stranded on 10 1/2 needles.

:yay: Oh, that’s so lovely! What a lucky baby to receive that blankie! I especially :heart: that cable. :cheering:

Such a pretty blanket!

very pretty!