FO - Baby Blanket & Washcloths

I’ve been working on this baby blanket for my nephew and his wife due next month. I did it with Bernat CottonTots b/c I wanted it to be a nice summer blanket.




Wow! That is a really pretty blankie. I love the color you chose. Nice work. Can you share the pattern? I would love to do one too.:heart:

That is really nice I would like to make one too.

That’s a great blanket! The dishcloths are nice, too.

the blanket is gorgeous and I love the baby themed washclothes, that is such a great gift idea.

Very nice! I like the blankie pattern.

:inlove: They all look great, and I really love that baby blanket!! Great colors, too!

OOOOO PRETTY!!!:heart:

Great job! I love the way you’ve done the alternating squares in an open stitch. Its perfect for a summer weight blanket, as is the cotton.

I’m in exactly the same situation - wanting to knit a cotton blanket for my grandchild, due in December (our summer) - and have a pile of Cotton Tots I’d like to use for it, but I haven’t been able to find the perfect pattern. So I’m hoping you can let us know what pattern you used. PLEASE! Love it!

they are all georgous.

i love the boats on the washcloths. so pretty.

the balcket is totally georgous though. i love the colour

Everything looks great. Love the blanket pattern.

Wow, love the colour and the pattern. The washcloths are adorable too. Great Job :thumbsup:

Thanks so much! Glad you all like them. :slight_smile: I loved the blanket pattern too. It’s in Leisure Arts Our Best Knit Baby Afghans book. Here’s a link to the book on amazon:

It’s a pretty simple pattern though. In fact I had to adjust it a bit b/c it called for larger needles and I just didn’t like the way it looked with them. To me it looked sloppy. Since I used smaller needles, I had to add some more blocks to make it big enough. It’s simply alternating stockinette stitch blocks with open work (yo k2t) blocks. It wouldn’t be hard to make up your own pattern. My blocks were 12 stitches wide and 16 rows tall. However, this book is wonderful! I love so many of the patterns in it!

Thank you for letting us know where to find the pattern and for sharing your pictures. I love this afghan and have been on a washcloth binge for a while & yours look wonderful!

ETA: I was able to find the book at AC Moore in South Portland, ME and added it to my pattern stash because of all the great baby afghans. So glad you posted where you found the pattern!

Beautiful blanket :slight_smile:


Those wash cloths are the cutest things that I have ever seen in my entire life! That would mean so much to me if someone made those for me! Gorgeous!

Great job Wanda! Very nice.

I started a thread asking for baby blanket ideas in the pattern forum, still deciding what I want to make for a shower mid-August. This might be an option, thanks.

I love the blanket the color is great & the washclothes are so cute one lucky baby

Hey Wanda! :waving:

FABULOUS WORK! :heart: I love the colors you selected, too! Just great!
Thanks for sharing!!!

Your blanket and wash cloths are wonderful! I’ve used that pattern book to make many blankets and love it. I agree the needle size they call for with this pattern is too big. What size did you end up using with the Cottontots? It is so pretty!