FO: Baby blanket #eh?

Just finished my adaptation of the Sunny Baby Blanket using a strand of worsted and a strand of baby yarn with #11 needles. Measures 36 x 41 inches. Made for We Care - Maine’s Newborns in Need.


That’s pretty, Judy!

Another gorgeous blanket! You’re really cranking these out. This one looks so very soft and fluffy–perfect for a little one.

Beautiful! Someone will be very happy to get that blanket.

That’s really pretty, love the heathered look.

It’s lovely and there’s a baby out there that will love it too.:inlove:

Lovely combination and beautiful work. Think how happy some family and some lucky baby are going to be! It’s a very thoughtful gift to a Maine charity.

The heathered look comes from using a strand of blue worsted and a strand of Bernat baby yarn in a very pale, almost white, baby blue.

Am currently working with a strand of mint green and and a strand of white…reminds me of sherbert. May not photograph well but will post it as soon as I finish.

The blankets are very soft but very warm.


Oh, mint green and white is a great combination–for babies and everyone else, too. Can’t wait to see the pic!

I’ve crocheted lots of baby blankets holding two strands of yarn together. Using sport weight yarn (which is usually the weight I use), it makes a comfortably thick blanket–not too heavy and not too light. Since most knitted “fabric” is not as thick as crocheted “fabric,” I bet your knitted blankets are a nice weight also.

I once came across a crochet pattern for a baby blanket that used three or four strands (can’t remember which) together for the entire blanket. I never made it because I was afraid baby would be crushed under the weight of all that yarn. Besides, most of the babies I make blankets for don’t live in the Arctic!

[quote=Antares;1368048]Oh, mint green and white is a great combination–for babies and everyone else, too. Can’t wait to see the pic![quote]

Here’s what I have so far. Photographed better than I thought.

My blankets aren’t heavy…soft and warm. Not trying to pin the baby down :slight_smile:


Gorgeous! I love that soft heathery green look! :inlove:

I love this blanket! I love your yarn choices, and the pattern stitch! Love Love Love!