FO - Baby Bibs from Mason Dixon Knitting

These were easy and fun. I still need buttons, but otherwise they are done. I made the stars and flowers with a bleach pen. This yarn is Den-M-Nit from Elann and since it naturally bleaches out when washed it took the bleach pen very well! That was fun, but a little scary. :teehee: There are french knots on the center of the flower.

This peach one was done with Bernat Cot’n Corn in nectarine. It’s really soft, but it’s pretty splitty to work with.

Oh those are so cute!! what a great idea to use a bleach pen!!

Those are so cute! What a cute idea about the bleach pen!

Those are adorable!

Very cute. Love the bleach pen idea.

Thank you!

The idea wasn’t mine totally. I saw a bib that someone on Rav had bleached stars on (different than mine) and it scared me even more to think about using liquid bleach! :shock: So I remembered the bleach pens and tried it and it worked!

what a great idea. They are all really sweet.

Jan , They are so adorable ! I love them . A mother can never have enough bibs :slight_smile:

I love this style of bib better than any other bib pattern I’ve ever seen! These are exceptionally well done!

Question regarding the use of the bleach pen: when these bibs are washed…with the bleach bleed over into the colored areas? Will the edges of the bleached designs retain a crisp outline?

I’ve never heard of bleach pens for knitting design application! Cool idea!

Those are the cutest bibs I’ve ever seen, and that includes the ones I’ve made. Love the idea of using the bleach pen, especially as I hadn’t a clue there was such a thing. Did you get it from Michaels or Hobby Lobby? Great idea!

I love them!!!:heart:

Those are really cool bibs, Jan. The blue ones remind me of blue sunprints. :slight_smile:

These are cutest bibs I’ve ever seen! I love them. Did you use a pattern? What a clever idea about the bleach.

Thanks everyone!

Answers -

You can buy the Clorox Bleach Pen at grocery and other stores. Probably most places that would sell bleach since it’s marketed for things like grout or small stains. I got mine at Target. It’s in gel form with one end being a pointy tip the other is a brushy tip.

I used a ‘template’ for the stars, but did the flowers free hand then filled them in. I used only the pointy tip. If you don’t want bleed through don’t lay it on too thick and it’ll only bleach the top strands.

When the design was white I held them flat under running water to rinse the bleach out of the design areas. I then used Woolite and washed them out well. The star one I then tossed in the washer with some other dark clothes like jeans then threw it in the dryer. The flower one was just squeezed out and tossed in the dryer with some dark towels. I didn’t have any problems with the other laundry or areas on the bibs probably because I rinsed them before hand.

Note: the yarn is supposed to fade like jeans so always wash with dark or similar colors. I worried a bit about the navy blue one so washed it by hand and I was not disappointed. The water was really, really blue! Just a heads up to be careful. :wink: In addition, since the yarn naturally fades the contrast with the bleach areas will probably become less contrasty, but that’s okay IMO. It’ll just be well loved.

Very cute, very clever. I really like these bibs, they look soft and comfy for the little ones. Great job.

Again, I JUST LOVE THESE BIBS! And thanks so much, Jan, for the technical information about the bleach pens and how to successfully use them on colors!

Thanks! I love the simplicity of them. Do test the fabric first. Not all yarns bleach like these do.

Jan, I love them! They are the cutest bibs ever!! The bleach pen is a great idea.

Those are so cute and I love what you did with the bleach pen!

what a cool idea to use a bleach pen! i really really like the bibs…i have an acquaintance who is pregnant…not enough of a friend to make a quilt for, but these bibs would be perfect!