FO: Baby bib

I made this for a co-worker; she is due in a few weeks. It was super easy, and very quick. It didn’t take long at all - the longest part was finding the perfect button, and ensuring it was secure. I am loving crocheting so much, I haven’t knitted in weeks!

Very cute bib! And your stitches are so nice and even. Pat yourself on the back (but be sure and do it with your non-crochet hand, lest you get “hooked”)!

Speaking of hooked, it appears you are already, though–on crochet.

I’m glad you’re mastering it and enjoying it. It does go quite fast, doesn’t it? I find it much faster than knitting, which kinda hindered my desire and ability to learn knitting (I was always thinking, “I could do this 10 times faster in crochet”). Each has their own charm, though, so I stuck with knitting and am now getting better at it.

By the way, I’ve been knitting like crazy lately and haven’t picked up my crochet hooks in a long time!

Very cute! Love the scalloped edge!