FO : baby beanie

This was a project that I had to restart because I found I had twisted the yarn on the circular needles, but I am SO happy with the way it turned out. It’s a baby beanie using Universal “Pebble” yarn. The pattern was one that I was given at a knitting store. If anyone is interested I could post it elsewhere.

My good friend Ezekiel Bear agreed to model the finished product for me :slight_smile:

Looks great and it is very pretty yarn.


Aw so cute! I adore the colors!

:happydance: Great job!

:heart: CO CUTE! I lvoe the purples

Thank you all :slight_smile: I can’t wait to hand this over to the new mother to be on Friday.

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all the kind words and nice comments. It only makes me want to do better projects!

I would love the pattern

Great little beanie!
I found a picture of different colorways:

Those colors are so pretty! What a cute little hat and I love the model :teehee:

I’m going to post the pattern in the Pattern forum for you :slight_smile: It was called “Baby Roll Hat”.

Thanks Skater :slight_smile: Yeah, that yarn was a little odd to work with because it was really stretchy but I think it turned out really well all the same.

so cute…great job!

Very nice work! I like how the colorway distributed itself! Not in clumps! Thanks for sharing!