FO: BABETTE, 3 pc set

[B]The Pattern:[/B] “Babette”
[B]The Book: [/B] Rowan Cocoon Collection
[B]The Yarn: [/B] 10 skeins Rowan Cocoon (70% Merino/30% Kid Mohair)
[B]Color: [/B]Emerald #814

This sweater knit up really fast. A great pattern, with no errors. How’s that for a novel idea? I thought patterns without errors were a thing of the past!

The scarf and cloche are in the same yarn.

I’ll wear the cloche and scarf with “Babette” when the weather calls for it, or with my black and white herringbone winter coat, but without Babette. I’d feel like a stuffed sausage with Babette and the winter coat. I think.

Anyways, I hope you like it, and thanks for looking.

Beautiful! :yay:

Wow, those are so beautiful! :inlove:

What a beautiful set. :thumbsup:

I’ve been waiting to see your pics of all of them together. They are absolutely gorgeous!!! You do such wonderful work. :notworthy:

oooh, I love them :yay: great job!

Very, very pretty! :heart:

Oh my gosh, I love it! I just love everything about it. The color is beautiful, and the styling is perfect. You’ve done it again, Artlady!

The set looks wonderful.

Beautiful! And such a lovely color.

I love it ! I can just see you wearing those :slight_smile:

What a beautiful set!!! Love the color, stitch patterns and everything! Gorgeous!

It is beautiful:inlove:


Looks GREAT!!!

:inlove: beautiful as always…I have got to make my first adult sweater this year…you make it look so easy :teehee:

Hey there Dustina! :waving: This would be a good sweater to cut your teeth on. It was incredibly easy and fast! The Something Red (top down raglan) is also easy…but Babette is easier.

You never cease to amaze - and inspire - me! I just LOVE that sweater! I have only made baby sweaters and one of these days I’d like to make something for myself…this sweater looks right up my alley!

Oh, is that just the cutest! What a nice job - and the cabled scarf… really great! I love the uneven front - it adds even more interest!

Amazing!! You knit so beautifully!!