FO: Babes in the Woods blanket

2011 will forever be known to me as The Year of the Baby Blanket. I spent 12 straight months knitting nothing but baby blankets. Here is the last one!

Free pattern from Caron:

My ravelry notes with more pictures:

That is my co-worker’s son, James, who is now 5 weeks old. :heart:

Oh, how adorable! You’ve done wonderful work on your baby blankets. This one is a perfect combination of color and pattern. And the baby agrees.

It is really pretty. And the baby looks so cozy :slight_smile:

What a wonderful baby blanket! :muah:

What a beautiful blanket! :inlove:

Beautiful! And in it baby went night night. Winning combination. :yay:

Thank you for all of the kind words, ladies.

My coworker texted me that picture with the caption, “He was fussy so I wrapped him in this blanket and he calmed right down. He may not like you but he likes your work!”

I spent the afternoon with them yesterday and tried to hold James 3 separate times and each time he started to cry after 3 minutes, haha. I finally meet a baby I WANT to hold and he wants nothing to do with me! So it goes. It will be a funny story to tell him when he’s older.

I finally meet a baby I WANT to hold and he wants nothing to do with me!

Don’t feel too bad, my daughter didn’t like to be held when she was a baby, even by me. She made up for it later, was a clinger par excellence, so maybe this one will want to huggle & snuggle with you when he gets a little older.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

What a gorgeous blanket and for such an adorable (though sometimes uncooperative) recipient!

You did a fabulous job on this blanket, and I bet your coworker was thrilled!

so do I! love the color, love the pattern. Great job!

It’s beautiful and the baby seems to love it! Great job.:muah:

Simply spectacular work!

You did a wonderful job of choosing the right yarn, the right color, the right pattern! Kudos!

And thanks so much for including that darlin’ baby wrapped up in his blankie! Extra special treat!

Thank you! I was so proud of the color and pattern-- I chose it BEFORE I knew that she wanted to go with a jungle theme and prefered gender-neutral colors. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

Beautiful! Looks so soft and comfy for the baby. Love the color and pattern.


It looks so soft and beautiful as it gently holds that little one in its tender folds… lovely!