FO: Baa-baa sweater :)

aka ‘Never again sweater’, or ‘never again yarn’ to be precise. It was really hard to work with. I am going through some mandatory destashing by knitting :slight_smile: and this yarn was sitting there for awhile. Last year I made a cute hat out of it but couldn’t bring myself to touch it again until I bought 8 mm plastic needles. It made it a bit easier but still took me forever to finish this easy project.

Anyway, here it is, the Baa-Baa sweater.

Adorable sweater–sorry it turned into the “blood, sweat, and tears” garment, though!

Is this the baa-baa sweater or the baa-baa-BAD sweater?

The sweater is adorable, and I must commend you for struggling to the very end. You didn’t say what yarn you used, but it looks very similar to some I bought awhile ago. What words dare I use?:hair: All I was going to use it for was a simple scarf! It didn’t take long for me to say, NO WAY! Mine ended up at a garage sale my DIL had. Didn’t get much for it of course, but…it was gone…and none too soon!!

Can’t stick ‘baa’ into ‘annoying’, can I? :wink: It looks really good on my daughter and the fabric feels really pleasant. It just the loops were huge and ugly and wouldn’t slide through and were impossible to count… well, hooray, it’s done. :slight_smile:

The sweater is adorable! I agree though…that yarn is awful to knit with. I refuse to use any fun fur, fluffy, bobble stuff on my yarn. :lol:

I honestly don’t know, I usually buy things like that in a 1 lb bag and just play with it :slight_smile: It’s some kind of boucle with oversized loops of soft yarn. They would either get stuck in the loop or get caught on the needle… pretty much with every stitch :slight_smile:

Yarn sounds frustrating and terrible to work with but the sweater is adorable and cuddly. i’ll bet it does look sweet on your daughter!

Very cute sweater!!! The color is lovely. Sorry is was such a pain to work with, been there done that several times.

<----hates boucle and wouldn’t touch it with ten foot knitting needles.

Oh my, what dedication you have! It’s a fantastic little sweater! Great job!

I can well imagine this yarn is very frustrating to knit with, but on a positive note, it usually isn’t too bad to crochet with–provided you use a large enough crochet hook.

I’ve got a sweater that’s about halfway crocheted (vertical construction), and it’s been easy-peasy so far.

I’ve tried crocheting too, still ba-a-a-d! :slight_smile: