FO: Aviator Hat for Baby J

I’m trying my best to stay the heck out of yarn stores, online as well as the brick 'n mortars!
Oy. I’d love to knit up my stash before I die! Which will be about 35 years from now…

Anyhoo, I used some leftover yarn to knit a darling Aviator Hat for my great-grandson! The pdf available at Ravelry, $4. The designer gives such great instructions, 5 pages worth, including great photos of every step along the way. I liked this hat (worsted version) so much that I purchased her bulky pdf as well. (the numbers change)

Here are my notes, and you can click over to the hat’s page and get the pdf if you like.

The hat takes a day.

Awww that is so cute!

I’ve been knitting up my stash making hats for charity. They’re great projects for those times when I need something mindless. Last night I knit one up using two strands and it made a nice warm hat and makes the stash go twice as fast! :teehee:

(I’ll be posting pix when I get a few more done and then I’ll post the whole lot of 'em. :lol: )

I love these hats, on babies. This one will look adorable and the color is perfect. A model airplane and he’s all set!

Beautiful hat! It looks so cozy!

The hat is soooooooooo cute! He’ll be adorable in it.

That is sooo cute!:heart:

How cute is this. He will look adorable in it.:muah:

Oh, what an adorable hat. Baby J’s goin’ be styling now!

And I admire your ability to stop buying yarn and use up your stash. That’s quite a feat!!!

ArtLady, everything you make looks incredible! Seriously. It’s a wonder you do not sell the items you make.

Thanks for sharing this project. I’m going to have to bookmark it for the future. I’m starting to receive requests to make things, and this is so unique and fun!


I’d love to knit for profit, but in most cases, the pattern is under copyright protection…and in all cases folks can’t pay what your time is worth.

Even designers are having a tough go of making a living off their incredible design talents.

That’s so cute!:heart:

I’ve often had people ask me what I’d charge to make something. I tell them that I don’t charge for two reasons: 1) They couldn’t pay me what an item is worth, money-wise, and 2) It would take the joy out of knitting the item in the first place.

I could find a lot of joy knitting a Mulled Cider cardigan/jacket for $600, which would include the “Blackstone Tweed” yarn! :happydance:

Just sayin’…

My own daughters barely appreciate what goes into knitting. When I couldn’t really afford the Noro Kureyon yarn for a cardigan for one of them I asked if she would purchase the yarn, gave her the website links to chose colors…but she wouldn’t buy her own yarn. :doh:

I ended up using my cc to buy the yarn for her. I was happy to give this cardigan to her, but I must tell you, it gave me a little insight on her appreciation. I kinda think she thinks she’s doing me the favor of taking an expensive, hand-knit cardigan from me. “Well if SHE WANTS TO KNIT FOR ME, I’m happy to take it, but I sure as heck don’t want it, or need it, enough to pay for the yarn! Oh heck no!”


That’s really sad about your daughter, ArtLady. I don’t think I would have been as generous as you were, though. I refuse to crochet or knit for people who don’t appreciate it.

Sorry to hear that. I know how it is however. Many things, not just knitting, are really a labor of love and an accurate $ amount isn’t possible. If you get to sell jackets for $600…enjoy!

The women who purchase Prada would spend $200yarn/$400 labor for a customized handknit jacket, but unfortunately I don’t have an ‘in’ with any one in that crowd.

A Nordstrom buyer once asked to buy my girlfriend’s specialty yarns poncho right off her back for $500. My girlfriend declined. Now if that had been MY poncho…