FO--Autumn Rose

I just finished my Autumn Rose sweater and wore it to wine tasting the other night. Overall I’m happy with my first Fair Isle project! Pattern notes etc. at my blog post.

Oh my goodness, that is stunning! Great job!

Pretty! Looks good on you, too!

Gorgeous! I love the colors. It is absolutely great :slight_smile:

Wonderful job and it really suits you too. Keep up the good work!


Thanks everyone! It was a really fun project :slight_smile:

Stunning!! Congrats!

You did an EXCELLENT job! The sweater looks FAB!:yay:

It’s absolutely beautiful! :heart::heart::heart:

That’s beautiful. Excellent work!

wow … just wow. That is so impressive! Wonderful job!

Looks great. Excellent work.


That’s really cool! Was it hard? It looks like it was hard. I have not tried fair isle work. I don’t know if I could do it.

that is awesome!!! you look great in it too!

Looks like the perfect sweater for wne tasting. Great job.

Wow, that is drop-dead beautiful! What an incredible project. You did a great job.


It’s very pretty and looks really good on you too!!