I made this hat last night. Cast on 56st…pattern 32 rows…cast off. VOILA! DONE!

It’s a [B]free[/B] YARN HARLOT pattern called [I][B]“An Unoriginal Hat”.[/B][/I] I got the [B]pattern [/B]in the Ravelry pattern section. Sue, our Moderator, found the link for us in the Yarn Harlot’s blog/archives! Thanks for your help, Sue!

[B]The Yarn:[/B] Naturwolle Black Forest:color TRAPPER (left over from my VOGUE CAPE). Used 77 grams, which the Ravelry software tells me is equivalent to [B]85 yards![/B] It’s bulky weight at 12st=4".

Beautiful, chunky and earthy.

That lovely thick yarn would knit up fairly quickly.

Well done!

such a gorgeous hat!!!

You can never beat a quick project that also looks great .
It is lovely :slight_smile:

Beautiful hat, and it looks great on you! Thanks for the link.

Very nice hat! Fab colors too! :inlove:

How good is that! A free pattern, beautiful leftover yarn from the fantastic cape and a quick knit. Looks terrific.

Two hats in 24 hours? Amazing!

Oh, I almost forgot! This hat was quick because it is just 56stitches wide and 32 rows [U]total[/U]! Poof! Done!

Nice hat!


Looks terrific!

I just love this hat- I remember seeing it on the Yarn Harlot’s blog last winter. Love the colours you chose.

Yes, yarn harlot did say that this pattern would become an addiction, first because it is so fast and simple, and second, because you can change its appearance by the choice of yarn! She’s right!

In a plain colored yarn, the cables would be the attraction!
I might try using two strands of cream MALABRIGO in my stash, and making this hat again! It would take 2 strands of MALABRIGO to come up to the gauge requirement.

That is great and it will look so adorable with your matching cape.

Here’s the link to the pattern on her blog -

Thanks so much Sue! I will copy it into my original post for this hat!:muah: