FO: Archery Beanie

Completed this last night. I’ll take a photo when I can - the charger for my camera is missing, but I might be able to persuade someone else in the family to take a pic.

I had the beanie finished, but discovered an error near the start and had to undo and redo. Even then I had to do a bit more sewing than expected as some of the stitches had become a bit stretched from knitting in the round - must watch more carefully next time.

This project was done in the round on 2 straight needles - adapted from a pattern for circular needles.


It doesn’t have a target on it does it? :shock: :teehee:

The very one.


I LOLd. :roflhard:



Cute beanie! :thumbsup:

OMG it does! :roflhard: Too funny! It’s cute though!