FO: Aran Toddler Sweater

OK, this is one she’ll have to grow into, but too small would be worse! This is my grand-niece modeling.

The yarn is Opal and the pattern is from a Debbie Bliss book (Classic Aran Knits for Kids or something like that).

She’s a cutie! That sweater is beautiful! I agree… bigger is way better than too small!

awww! she looks so cute in that huge sweater! Save that and show it to her when the sweater doesn’t fit her anymore!

So adorable!

Awww, too, too cute!! :thumbsup:

Oh, that is gorgeous! Lovely color and lovely knitting! Definitely an heirloom!! :inlove: :inlove:

:smiley: I love it!!

Many thanks for the kind words! It really is sooo much fun to give a gift that is truly special.

Her mom really wants to learn to knit, so I gave her a bit of leftover yarn for practice, a pair of extra needles, a crochet hook, a row counter, and a post-it note that reads “”. I told her that’s all she needs! They live in Colorado, so I can’t really teach her myself. I did not, however, warn her about the highly addictive aspect of this activity!!


great job, it’s beautiful! (she is too!)

Absolutely gorgeous!! :smiley:

[size=1]oh, and the sweater is nice too! :roflhard: [/size]

:inlove: Beautiful job on the sweater - and she is adorable!

Love the sweater – and what a cutie she is!

Oh lovely sweater and super cute baby =D