FO: "Approximately Clyde"

So I wanted to make something nice for Wendy’s birthday, and figured I could maybe find some yarn to match Clyde (the cat). Yeah right. So I go to the LYS and say “I’m trying to match a cat.” And without missing a beat, Julia (I think) asks “Did you bring the cat with you?” (True story.) Anyway, after ordering more yarn than I want to talk about online, I finally found this Cascade Eco Duo “Chickory”, which was close enough (i.e. as close as I was likely to get). I knew I could come up with a scarf, and I did. But when it came time to do the matching hat, I ran into a slight snag. As in, I had all kinds of great ideas that I didn’t know how to do… and a limited amount of time to not do them in. Finally, I hit upon the perfect solution, and gave her the scarf and the remaining yarn so she could make the hat she wanted to go with it. Clever [I]non[/I]?

We sure make one heckuva team. I sure do love that woman.

[B]UPDATE:[/B] Since there was a whole skein of the Eco Duo left, Wendy made a pair of fingerless mitts to go with this set. So now she has the complete ensemble. And matches her cat. Well… one of her cats. Maybe next up is the Approximately Snickerdoodle… although the Approximatiely Ripley would probably be easier…

Very clever and very beautiful work on this set. The cables are lovely. Well done both of you!

Great solution! They look like they were made by the same person. You aren’t hallucinating your better half are you? :roflhard: Great set, great solution, must be a great cat, and all for a great woman. Score!


Well sometimes I swear I must’ve made her up, but then I realize that I couldn’t have. I could never have done that good a job. And she can match anything, which is why she’s so good (and so in-demand) with repairs. You can’t find them when she’d done.

Well done, Mojo and Wendy! Love the color and the design. You two [U]do[/U] make a great team!

And what’s a little extra (or a lotta) yarn here and there, eh? Have you ever seen a woodworker who didn’t have tons of lumber? Or an angler who didn’t have way more lures than he or she could use in a lifetime? Or an artist who didn’t have tons of brushes and paint?

Lots of yarn comes with the knitting territory!

Yeah, what’s knitting without stash? My problem now is what to do with all that sport weight yarn. BUT… that meant I did have it available to make the Try the Decaf scarf.

This is a wonderful set! Very classy looking, and well done! :thumbsup: