FO: Anything Goes Felted Bag

I really took the title to heart and messed around a lot with this bag. I rounded off the bottom instead of making it square or flat bottomed, I put pleats in the side reminiscent of the Booga bag but sewed the handles inbetween the pleats and tacked everything down. I still need to put a closure on the bag but then it is finished. The colors are more accurate in the picture where it is hanging than the one where it is laying down. One suggestion for those that have not already done this. I would suggest NOT using Paton SWS with any other wool yarn for felting. By now most of us have been informed about how fast it felts, well so true, but also because it felts faster, I lost most of my color definition of the SWS yarn when I had to leave it in longer to get my other yarn to felt. The SWS yarn is the maroon colored stripe at the top between the frenzy sections. My first project just for ME and it is a nice big bag to carry all my junk!!!

Yarns used:

Paton SWS
Lion Brand Wool for Felting
Bernat Frenzy

That is such a fun bag!! I love the colors and the fuzzy yarn!

isn’t SWS fun to felt with
just BEWARE, I lost about 80% of the original size of my Bag
but it looks SO YUMMY felted
Shimmery, pretty, I lov working with it
but it will take 4-5 skeins to make a real full szed bag
gonna be able to fit my 8yo in the bag just for it to be big enough to fit a Knitting projct post felting


looks great!!