FO: Antifreeze from Knitty

I just got done making the Ski Mask called Antifreeze from Knitty:
Thanks for the help I got when I was stuck. :slight_smile:

That looks great! I am glad you put it on because I had no idea what it was in that first pic! :roflhard:

That looks really warm! I need something like that when I am out playing in the snow with my kids. My nose always turns bright red from the cold (earning me the nickname “rudolph” when I was a kid), I bet it would be nice and toasty in something like that!
It looks really great.

:cheering: :cheering: It looks perfect!!

Thanks gals.
I put it to the test by helping my husband clean up the 5" of snow we got this morning. It works great. :slight_smile:

Ditto :cheering:

That does look cozy, what yarn did you use? Its a very pretty colour.

I just used some Caron Simply Soft Holiday yarn I had on hand. It is soft but it spilts.
I plan on making it again with wool next time. :slight_smile:

That looks great! It is the first FO of this pattern that I have seen and I love it! This pattern is on my long list of stuff to do. I’d like to make it out of some superwash wool, but haven’t decided which one yet. Where did you get stuck in the pattern?


It was fun to knit up.
You can read about where I got stuck here:
I ended up picking the stitch marker where the instructions said in the middle.
Have fun,

thats a lovely color, and it looks very soft and warm!

Thanks! It matches my carhart coat. :slight_smile: It is soft and warm. It sure was fun to knit.

Wow…what a nice surprise to go here and find your new work! That is beautiful! Is it needed with all the snow now?

Great job! I bet it’s coming in useful, with the chilly weather lately in NY.

Great job! I bet it’s coming in useful, with the chilly weather lately in NY.

Thanks gals. :slight_smile:
It is surely something I’m going to knit again.
It has been really cold here the last few weeks with -30 wind chills. It just started to warm a little yesterday.
We haven’t gotten the snow like they have a few hours south. We have gotten about a foot and they have gotten somewhere around 9 to 10 feet and it is STILL coming down.

Nice job :cheering: I think I need one of those for here in MN :roflhard:

It wouldn’t surprise me if you DID need one. :slight_smile:
We are going to go WAY below zero tonight. BRRRRRRRRRRR!
Thanks for liking it,
Susie :hug:

I like it!

I thought it looked a bit funny, but it looked right once I saw it modelled! :smiley:

:cheering: :cheering:

:slight_smile: Glad you liked it after you saw it modeled.
It sure is warm. Maybe I’ll wear it to bed tonight seeing it is going to be WAY below zero.