FO-Another Wavy Lace Wrap, Hand-dyed!

I posted this in my blog, but someone said I should post it here too.

This is another wavy lace wrap. This is the third one, and it is being auctioned of at the school Gala on Friday. The yarn I ordered was not the beautiful creamy color I had envisioned, so I dyed it after I was done. There are some more pictures of the dyeing process at my blog here.

:passedout: That is abosulutely gorgeous!!!

Wow!! Gorgeous!

Yeah, what she said! :heart:

Very very pretty! :muah:

Whoa, sister! That’s beautiful :inlove:

how lovely. what pattern is that?

Girl, that is GORGEOUS! I LOVE that pattern!

That is stunning! :notworthy:

I’m sure your shawl will be the hit of the auction! wow!

Fantastic, Carmen!!! :notworthy:

:muah: :cheering: That’s so beaaauuutiful. Love the pattern and the color!

:inlove: That is so gorgeous!

Ooh, I want to knit one too! What yarn and dye did you use?

I can drive almost anywhere by Friday
I am not sure I could Knit that, well maybe I could but yours is SO beauiful

GREAT job, love the color


I can drive almost anywhere by Friday[/quote]


That is absolutely stunning!! Great job!

Just beautifull :heart:

Yeah, what she said! :heart:[/quote]

yeah, what they said! :cheering:

That’s beautiful! Good job! :cheering: