FO Another seven foot scarf

OK so the 7’ scarf from hell is finished! It doesn’t look too bad either. I hope she will be pleased with it. That’s a record for me, I bought the yarn Wednesday and started the scarf around 3:30 p.m. DH is going to our niece’s house Monday so it had to be finished by then. She also wants a pair of fingerless gloves, so I am going to run her up a pair of cheaters in the lime green yarn. They only take a few hours each to make, so I will be done her set tomorrow and then [B]I AM GOING BACK TO KNITTING MY SOCKS, DARN IT!!![/B] :woohoo:

Wow - that is quite a scarf. I’m sure she will love it. Super job and great color.

Looks great. I am sure she will love it.

It looks fabulous, Christine!

Wow! With matching gloves! Way to go!

Maybe you should join the speed knitting team! It looks fantastic!

So, I finished the fingerless gloves to go with the scarf! No, I don’t need to join a speed knitting team. I just wanted to finish these items so I could knit my socks. My feet are cold. The gloves came out well. Now I am finished the set and I can knit MY socks tomorrow! :woohoo:

What a lovely set Christine. That certainly was a quick knit. Well done.

Very nice! And done so fast.

That is so pretty! I love the ruffles on the ends.


Nothing like a little incentive to get the job done, eh?

The scarf and gloves are gorgeous. That green is lovely! :inlove: