FO: another project linus blanket

(For those not familiar -

I finished this one in less than 10 days… :woohoo:

It’s Caron Simply Soft Paints. It was so nice to work with - it has a cotton-y feel even though it’s acrylic. This one turned out to be about 36" x 48".

The blankie and a closeup of the pattern (color shows better on the closeup):

I love that…is there a pattern, or, did you just make it up?:notworthy:

Pam - Thanks for the compliment. Sorry, no pattern - I saw a blanket that was similar, and just replicated it… :aww:

So neat n nice color

Very pretty! Looks very warm and snuggly for some lucky baby.

That’s a beautiful blanket.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


It turned out wonderful. Love the pattern!

Lovely blanket, and for a wonderful cause too!


I really love that little blanket! :heart:

nice blanket. What is size?

Thanks - it’s 36" x 48"

Ten days?? WOW!


It’s so lovely and will certainly be appreciated and loved!

You’re blanket is great !! I sew quilts for Project Linus. I knit far too slowly to get any done in a timely fashion and also have a project list about a mile long for myself and family. I actually have 5 blankets downstairs that I need to get finished and turn in.

Very prudy!!:cheering:

Very pretty yarn and pattern for some lucky baby