FO: Another Pipe Holster Design

I wasn’t totally happy with the pouchy look of my first attempt at a pipe holster. Last night while I was killing time at a truck stop I whipped up another idea for one. I like this design much better, as it more closely resembles a standard leather pipe holster.

It’s a bit rough around the edges as I just whipped it out rather quickly, more to see how it would look than to maintain any sort of quality. Sort of a “proof of concept” you might say.

While I made the first one from the top down and mostly in stockinette, I decided to make this one from the bottom up so as to not have to seam the pouch closed when finished (I really hate seaming LOL).

Another winner, Mason!!!

That’s very cool, Mason!

Very nice! I admire your design skills.

Very nice!

Awesome Mason. Great idea for the pipe smoker in any family. Keep on dreaming up those great gift ideas for us!!! How have you been? You picture looks like you have lost some weight, am I wrong?

Very nice and creative design.

I like this design much better,:cheering:

I’ve been doing ok, thanks. Yes, I have lost a few pounds over the year. For financial reasons I have been trying to eat more in the truck and less in the truck stops. As the truck has a microwave and built-in fridge I can save money doing that while still getting hot meals.

I love how you can improvise so efficiently and create something you really need. It looks great!

Cool design! I love that you improvise all of your patterns!

Your posts always put a smile on my face and a warm spot in my heart. I would get so lonely on the road, just couldn’t do it…although, I am pretty much of a loner except for my husband’s company. Good thing we get along, as both of us like mostly to be alone! Lol

Don’t you find it even more lonely, now that you’ve stopped eating at diners and restaurants?

well, at least you have us to talk to. When do you get online? Stop at internet cafes? Have a laptop in your truck?

Sorry, don’t mean to grill you…I have never known anyone who ‘lives on the road’ so to speak, and it interests me.

If I made a pipe sock for my pipe (which I don’t even own, but do love the smell of someone else smoking one)…I would want it to be covered completely, as in a small sock or tube.

Nice design Mason! I like the color too. :thumbsup: