FO - Another Colorwork Attempt

I made this beanie loosely based on a pattern I saw on a piece of pottery. While not perfect I am happier with it than my first attempt at stranding.

That is really beautiful. Great job!

Oh wow! That looks awesome! Great job, Mason!

Wow that looks great!! i’m so amazed that you can just look at something a like pottery and make it into a pretty hat!!

Great work x

That is beautiful, Mason! You’ve come a long way since that first garter stitch scarf. :wink:

Wow, what a great hat-I LOVE it!! The colors, and the design. You should be proud, you made an original!

I made a color-work (fair isle) hat that came out beautifully-I thought- till I discovered it wouldn’t stretch to fit anyone!! OOPS. but it is pretty :teehee:

Mason - Beautiful hat. As you say “Kewl. Mongo like.” Great job.:yay: :yay: :yay:

Mason, you’re becoming a pro :notworthy:. It looks wonderful :thumbsup: So, how about a fairisle sweater for you, I’m sure you’ll look great in one :teehee:

Thanks, actually the colorwork practice is part of my learning all of the techniques I plan to use when I eventually make a sweater.

The hat is awesome! You have inspired me to try colorwork. I think… :wink:

Please, Mason, that is not a “colorwork attempt”, it is a full-fledged stranded work of art! I love it. Great colors, great pattern. Nice work!

[SIZE=4][COLOR=darkolivegreen]Cool. Great job.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

looks like you’re really getting the hang of it. good job

:woohoo: it looks great!!

Looks very nice! Great job on the colorwork! :slight_smile:

Nice job Knitting_Guy.

Not happy with it?! I think it looks terrific!

Great! I love the color pattern.

That is beautiful! love the colors…I agree with the others a sweater is in order!