FO another chevelle scarf greens and brown

this took a lot of time since i used two colors within the entire thing back and forth… so i had to drop and pick up almost every stitch… it took longer to hold yarn in both hands

and a close up to see the stitches…

It turned out wonderful!! Great job!

Very nice work, again!!! How painstaking it must be to work out the lettering! Good job!

thanks guys :slight_smile:

it was actually more of a pain doing the three colors… the letters i am used to from the other ones i have had to make… lol

WOW Very impressive!! YOu have the patients of a saint!!:cheering:

Cool! What significance does the word Chevelle have? It was a make of car, but that is probably not it. :??

thanks guys :slight_smile:

chevelle is a band … rock band :smiley: … definitely check them out! they are awesome! but i am on the chevelle message board too and so i am making the scarves for friends on those boards… :smiley: