FO: Another Book Cover

FO - Another book cover

I was not sure whether I should start a new thread for this project, but after reading “how to use this forum” I gathered that each finished object gets its own thread.
I named it “another book cover” as I finished this one first.
A friend of the family heard about this and asked whether I could do the same for a book of hers. She finally had come round to read (and love) it, but also realised that the book could do with some protective cover.

As the world is full of coincidences, so was this. For the one book she asked me to make a cover for, is the other book my greataunt gave me. :slight_smile: Or well, my version is a bit different - but that makes it so interesting. The original covers are the same in both editions of the book, but that is it. The one book is a “movie-edition” with movie stills like these:

The other one, or rather three - for it is a triology. This triology tells exactly the same story as the movie one - thicker pages and a bigger font. It is also illustrated, but with drawings rather than pictures - done by the well-known illustrator Anton Pieck.

I don’t know from when these books are. The movie book is not from before 1951, as the movie did not come to the Netherlands before that year. The triology has to be from 1939 or later, according to the illustrations. But there have been quite a few printings, so they can even be from the 80’s. Not that this is important, it just makes me wonder how people decide from what year a book is when it is not mentioned on the title page. I like to figure out mysteries like that :wink:

This project took over a month :blush: Or probably even longer… Mostly because I was set on a pattern on the spine which I couldn’t figure out and was too stubborn to give up on - or to move past. :wall: I’ll mention this again later.

The patterns used are from this book, just like the first book cover I knitted: The Encyclopedia of Knitting
However, the snowdrop pattern isn’t in this edition of the book - I got it from the Dutch version in our local library. There is one extra page of “twist”-patterns in that one. I actually planned on making the spine in another pattern, but I couldn’t figure out how. For now I decided to abort on this pattern, but one day I’ll have the experience to make it :wink:
I stayed with the flower theme by adding a daisy (p53) and a tulip cable (p70). I thought would do a tulip cable on both sides of the book, and I did knitted another one. But when I laid it out I figured it would leave no room for the grey background and just did not look right.
For the background I just used the Moss stitch (p46), which is an alternation of a purl and a knit. And a basic rib (p57), with columns of two knits and two purls alternating.


The lettering on the spine was actually just meant to be a “first try”. I still had my mind set on the leaves-pattern, but I had to do something so I just tried some letters. I was quite sloppy, but when it was done I realised that I could not do it better if I tried to be neat - or so I like to think. :stuck_out_tongue: A lucky first try :wink:
BTW, “Gejaagd door de wind” is the Dutch title of “Gone with the wind”. The meaning is a bit different - I would translate it as “Hunted by the wind” :???:


I wanted to make this one less patched up than the first one, as it is a present. So this time I decided on the patterns beforehand - well, unless the one that didn’t go well. As a result, the grey is really like a background. And as I knitted the flowers first, I could really knit the grey around them. It was a bit of a puzzle, but it meant less sewing :happydance: I did have to think and rethink about the amount of stitches to cast on and how to bind of just partly - but this was an adventure in itself. :cheering: I might have been less enthousiastic about it if it had not worked out though :wink:

Here is a picture of the daisy still on the needle - this is the backside, the pattern works this way as well .

Besides from the more calculating approach this time, I also choose to bind the whole book with linnen first - and then sew the knitting on that. I hoped that this would really protect the book and prevent the cover from crawling away from the edge of the spine. It also made it possible for the vertical lines to be more straight - I sew those slightly on the linnen to fix the cover.
Though I do like how this worked out, I still do not think it is perfect yet.


INSIDE (front and back are alike, this is the front)

Still, not that well protected where it matters:


Here is a comparison between the triology and the one with the knitted cover

I pushed the cover away for a bit to show how the one book is even thinner than one book from the triology… It really is the same story! :??

It kind of sticks out when you put it on the shelf…

Both knitted covers (this project and the last one)


Well, that’s it. :slight_smile: If anybody has questions as to how I’ve done something, please feel free to ask - the description might be a bit “in general”.

Is the book by any chance “Gone With The Wind”? The picture looks like it and I saw the names Scarlett, Ashley and Gerald in the text and as you know they are main characters in the story. I didn’t know it was a trilogy, but I know someone else did a sequel. If it is the book was released in 1936, the movie in '39.

Whatever it is that’s a beautiful cover!

Beautiful work. There are no copyright dates in the book?

Oh, your cover looks wonderful. The book is certainly worth protecting with that lovely design on the hardcover. You’ve done a wonderful job on the letters, too.

Thank you.

That would be the English version, this is the Dutch so the first edition would be from 1937 and the movie wasn’t released over here until 1950. The book has been reprinted many times though - 35th in 1993.

Nope, nothing regarding year of printing or anything like that.

Thank you. It really is quite easy to stitch it on like this. It is not perfect as you see how no letter is exactly the same, but it is quite readable. And I was lucky that the height I choose for the letters turned out so well - it just fitted on the spine, without calculating it first.

My goodness! You’ve got quite a creative streak in you! Thanks for sharing your process with us, along with all the closeup photos! Very considerate of you to take the time!

I just love it! Brilliant idea!

WOW!! Those are really wonderful. I love the flower motifs you used. Very nice work on these. :heart: