FO: Another Bolero

Okay I think here what I really want to show to you all is the photograph more so then the knit itself lol. I’m pretty proud of how good a photo I got. I forgot how good the lighting is in her bedroom.

And also added for fun, as it technically has a hand knit in it, here is a sad pumpkin.

This photo makes me laugh/smile which I suppose is sort of evil but omg she’s so cute even when sad/mad. She was looking RIGHT at me, even though that is dad’s hands reaching for her.

Aww, what a sweetheart you have. Your pictures look very professional, I wouldn’t have guessed the first one wasn’t taken by a studio photographer.

Both sweaters look very well made. The tonality of the blue sweater works beautifully with her eyes.

thanks :slight_smile: I have a nikon D80 and 50mm lens, I just use auto and natural lighting and a steady hand. Not much more to it then that really. I know nothing about aperture settings and all that mess!

Your daughter is beautiful. The bolero is cute too. Love the colour.

That is absolutely beautiful! I’m not sure if you cropped the photo, but the only thing it needs is her missing foot. :teehee: I love it anyway though! I have a 50 mm f2.8 and I love it for my Canon!

Oh and love the bolero!

Beautiful photos and a beautiful little girl! Lovely knitting, too. Nice work.

She is just too cute! The knits are very pretty! :inlove:

what a cutie pie!! i love the photos (and the sweaters!!!)

OMG , I love those photos and your daughter is just the cutest little thing .
She makes a wonderful model for your designs. :slight_smile:

Wow, that picture is awesome! What a cutie :inlove: It looks as if taken from a pattern book :yay: And the bolero is lovely too:teehee:

thanks, I am using this photo for the cover of the pattern PDF and then I think I’ll replace the photo on the front page of my website!

She is just sooo cute! I love those boleros too!

The bolero matches her eyes perfectly. I love Nikons. Sometime when you are playing with your camera, try back lighting. It would work great when you take pictures of her. I love your pictures and knitting.

beautiful to both child and bolero :slight_smile:

What a beautiful child! She’ll make anything she wears look better than it already is.

That really is a picture to be proud of. Your boleros are cute. I like the “pick” closure you used on the blue one, but I’d worry a little about the safety factor in actual use. Worrysome Grandma here. :slight_smile:

Beautiful! Both the boleros and your daughter! :slight_smile:

Beautiful photographs…
She is an adorable inspiration to use those needles!