FO - Another Blanket

On New Year’s Day, I finished another blanket that I’d had on the needles since June. I started knitting in January of 2016, and this blanket was the first “big” project that I set out to do. It kept getting interrupted by the need to work on other things - there were two new babies to knit for, then it was the heat of summer and a blanket just didn’t sound appealing, then I had to knit “The Blanket” for my cousin. Taking advantage of the down time that the holiday week gave me, I made a push and finished my Cromwell Court Afghan.

Yarn is the recommended Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick - one of my favorite yarns! Very warm and snuggly.

Then, I made the mistake of leaving it unattended, and this happened:

One of these days, I will steal it back from the cat and use it. :smirk: (Interestingly, that stripe of brown that you see at bottom right on the cat photo is the cat’s own blanket that I made for him out of the same wool-ease yarn…little pain in my butt!) But at least it’s done, and I love it, and now I am clear to begin my next “learn as I go” project - a sweater vest! Consider yourselves warned; many questions will probably be coming from me over the next weeks/months as I work on this thing!

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That’s a beautiful blanket, Laura! I really like the colors! And baby things, too! You’ve learned a lot in your year of knitting! :slight_smile:

What a terrific looking blanket! The pattern and colors are striking (and obviously cat-approved). Love it. Many thanks for the photos.