FO: Another baby blanket

I’ve crocheted dozens of the Ripple baby blanket but had never knit the Ripple pattern. This one is done in Caron’s One Pound and #9 circular needle. There was a crisis at church with not enough blankies for the number of Easter baptisms so I got it done in less than a week (32 x 38). Will definitely use this pattern again.


Ooo love that color! It’s beautiful!

Great job! And the color is beautiful … perfect for easter! :cheering:

Beautiful! I made that one in yellow and I want to know how you got both ends to scallop like that. Mine did beautiful with the CO edge but the BO wasn’t as defined. Wonder what I did wrong? Your edges look great

I love it! You did a great job.

Did you use the regular Caron’s One Pound? or is it the baby one?

Very very nice! :thumbsup:

K1f/b x 2 makes the “upward” curve and K2 tog x 2 makes the “downward” curve. I use a needle one size larger to cast on and same to bind off so that both edges are as near to identical as I can get them.

Did we use the same pattern? Mine is Knit Baby Blanket by Marilyn Losee.


I used the regular One Pounder. Have about 1/4 of the skein left.


It turned out beautiful!!! Great job to have completed it in a week! wow!!

Very pretty! Love the color :thumbsup: Can’t believe you got it done in only one week!!

Since Monday of this week: 18 inches to finish the black scarf pictured in another post, 12 inches on the next baby blankie, and 9 inches on a sweater back.

I’m not a particularly fast knitter but am particular and do a lot of frogging and tinking!!! :slight_smile:

:knitting: :knitting: :knitting:


Very pretty!

The blanket is absolutely beatiful, love the colour.

Nothing wrong with being a perfectionist! Means you can take extra pride in your FOs.

Beautiful! Can you tell me what pattern the pink/lilac? colored one is? It is so pretty!!

I downloaded the pattern book from E-patterns Central (Easy Timeless Blankies…six patterns for $7.95). It’s the Mint Melody Blankie and is shown on the cover in mint green. For the pink one I’m using Bernat Baby Soft on #7 needles.


Very, very nice! :muah: A lovely baptismal gift.