FO-Another baby blanket

I recently finished another baby blanket for yet another friend of mine who is pregnant (I can’t wait until I can jump on that bandwagon). This one is in Homespun (which I will never buy again but which made a really nice afgan) and I self-designed it.

That is adorable!!! I love the hood on it! Cute! :heart:

Awwwww! That is so darn cute! Love the blanky!

:smiley: Too, too cute…love the hood :wink:

Very nice! :inlove: :thumbsup: That colour is absolutely gorgeous. I’m one of the very few on this forum that doesn’t mind knitting with Homespun {we will NOT discuss crocheting with it however!}. I think it will make a lovely gift for the baby-to-be!

How lovely!! I hate working with Homespun, but the FO always turns out so nice. And what a beautiful color! :thumbsup:

That is such a sweet blankie. I love what you did! :XX: :smiley:

It is precious!

Great Job on the blanket. Homespun is hard to work with but it sure knits up great blankets!! :smiley:

Great job - I :heart: that color!

Beautiful! :thumbsup:

I don’t mind working with Homespun if it’s simple knitting. I love the look of it knitted up, and it’s so soft and squishy-perfect for a sweet baby blanket, and yours is beautiful! :smiley:

That’s beautiful!! I know what you mean about the Homespun though!! I’d really rather work in the Bernat Softee Baby, I think!! It’s really soft–but not as thick as the Homespun!

I finally shipped that out to my girlfriend in south carolina on Wednesday, and she got it today. She called me all excited! Apparently, her daughter (who is four and will be the Big Sister) hasn’t been able to stop playing with it, and the teddy bear that I sent it with is her unborn son’s first teddy bear. :smiley: I’m so excited!

cute–I hate homespun but it is very soft!