FO: Anklets

[color=indigo]Finished up knitting and then dyeing the anklets for my daughter. It’s a fuzzy yarn from Michael’s I got from Freecycle, so no telling how old it is. [/color]

Such soft looking anklets. I like the sheen that yarn has in the photo. What did you use to dye them? Did you dye the yarn or the finished socks? I haven’t yet tried dying anything, but am very curious.

They look so soft! Great job!

[color=indigo]Kool Aid–Kiwi Strawberry and Pink Lemonaid.[/color]

Did you dye the yarn or the finished socks?
[color=indigo] The socks themselves. I soaked them in water for 30 minutes, then immersed them in the dye bath and brought it to a simmer. Let sit until water was clear. Rinsed, and blocked to dry. [color=indigo] [/color]

Great job! I’m thinking of knitting anklets for the summer. Do you have the pattern?

Thanks for sharing the information! I’m going to have to give it a go.

[color=indigo]No particular pattern. I did ten rows of ribbing, ten rows of st st and then started the heel. Others have said they just go right from the ribbing to the heel. :teehee: [/color]