FO - Ankle Socks w/Lorna's Laces

Here’s my latest FO. I used [B][COLOR=Blue]this[/COLOR][/B] pattern, which I must say was not my favorite. The toe on the first sock wound up too small, so I had to frog back. Being a somewhat experienced sock knitter, this pair had me :wall:. Go figure…on something so small!

Anyhow, I just love the yarn, and the fit turned out really good.

Thanks for looking! :muah:



I love the color and they look so comfy!

Now, THERE’S a set of ankles that would have led 19th century men to faint! :slight_smile: Nice job and I also like the colour.

That was a compliment btw!


Hmmm…I wonder if my “History of the Old South” class will cover this?!

Good thing you can’t tell that those are hairy ankles. I tend to take the weekends off from shaving since I dress up for work during the week. :teehee:

Great looking socks! Such gentle color…

Nice job! I love those little footies for around the house.

Ooh, they look really cute! It looks like a tiny little sock with a nice, tight fit - just like the socks I used to wear all the time before I knit so many :slight_smile: Great work, as always!!!

They look absolutely perfect! Pretty yarn and great fit!

Honestly, the fit is not overly tight. I don’t know if it’s the yarn or my skills. :teehee: The fit is just perfect!

Thanks so much for the nice words. The pictures really do not do justice to the color. They are really “girly.” I highly recommend this yarn to anyone who wants to make something for a froo-froo gal.

Very nice…:heart:
The ankle socks look great!