FO Anemoi Mittens

Okay my first time posting pictures but rest assured tomorrow when it’s light I will take and post more, lots of FOs to show. Eunny’s pattern, not free but you can buy it online and download instantly. Naturally Haven 4-ply merino. Talk about fluffing yourself up… SC makes me feel so smart, knitting quickly with either hand, two colours! And everyone’s impressed by them.
I did discover a disadvantage this morning: wanker honked at my car loudly for no reason (well a good reason actually but it was his own fault) so I automatically went to give him the finger but found myself showing him the back of a mitten (I bet he totally knew what I meant though). Mittens are not common in NZ but I love these. Eunny also includes a blank chart for you to create your own motif. I love Eunny.

P.S. I think this is appropriately sized etc. but if there are any problems with how I posted this pic please let me know. I’m not technoliterate.

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Breathtaking. :star:[/SIZE][/FONT]

Wow!!! Those are really beautiful. Great job.

those mittens are incredible. congrats on a fantastic job!

Wow! Those are amazing!

Those are amazing!

Those are beautiful! Great job :cheering:

Those mitts are gorgeous!

what they said. those mittens should seriously be in a museum or something. seriously. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

:roflhard:ABSOLUTELY!!! [B]ALL[/B] of the above!! [B]SERIOUSLY[/B]!!

I couldn’t help but wonder WHO IS WEARING MITTENS IN JULY (it’s 93 degree here today), but then I saw where you are

Amazing! They look great!

wow those are incredible!

so stunning! :inlove:i love the colors you chose too

Wow! What intricate work!!! I’m just blown away!

I love those! They are really beautiful. :cheering:

They are lots of fun, SC is great to do, it appears so fast and like magic, I swear. I started with the purple and white, going for a kind of stark polar look, and quite liked it, but realised I’d need to do a bigger size and couldn’t get more of the white, however the cream was not in short supply, and cream goes with me better. Sorry I could not attach more pics to the original post, here are some more (first time posting pics I am a bit snap-happy) if anyone’s interested.
I have to agree with your comments. The breathtaking thing for me however was not my mittens but the pattern. I literally gasped when I saw it. I plan to make some more of these. I am totally in love with them, Eunny is a genius. There are some items that you finish and really puff yourself up over. I think these are my favourite items so far.

I totally recommend these for a beginner in stranded colourwork, I have only done a pair of her Endpaper Mitts before and had no problem with this pattern, they are WAY impressive but nowhere near as difficult as they look. They were even easy to do while watching TV.

They’re absolutely stunning! Great job :smiley:


Those are breathtaking.