FO and WIP

Here are a pair of fingerless mitts for when my hands get cold on the computer or knitting (my DD is modeling them, though, 'cause her hands are prettier) and a WIP with some of the wonderful yarn my INCREDIBLE SWAP BUDDY sent me.

They are gorgeous - the socks look really snuggly! You work fast! :XX: :XX: :XX:

Everything looks great! Love the sock :thumbsup:


Very nice ! :thumbsup:

:smiley: I love your fingerless mits; I LOVE wearing them, too :smiley: I must say…that sock is GORGEOUS :thumbsup:

Thank you! The first sock is done and the second is on needles. I love the yarn so much, I can hardly put it down! Thanks again to my Swap Buddy!!!

:smiley: You are certainly doing some fast socknitting :thumbsup: Can’t wait to see the FO :thumbsup:

Beautiful so far!

Wow, those socks are GORGEOUS, both the knitting and the yarn!

What kind of yarn did you use for the mitts? Those are really cute. I love the blue.

Kristi - the yarn for the mitts is Zarella Filatura DiCrosa Baby.

Thanks again, everyone. :smiley: