FO and WIP: Xmas stockings and toe up socks

This might be a little pic heavy just took the pictures so here goes.

Our Chistmas stockings!

My first pair of Toe up socks knit using Magic Loop

And my WIP is a pair of toe up socks for my bf. He saw my finished one and wanted a warm pair of socks! It even got him into my lys to pick out the yarn he wanted!!!

Everything looks great!! I love the colors of your sock…My dh loves his wool socks left today in the black ones I made him…:happydance:

Thanks, I think my bf is wanting them for when he has to go out and shovel the driveway…which seems to be happening a lot this year!

Really nice and such lovely colours x

Everything is beautiful…I really love those stockings. Great job!

Great job! The stockings are beautiful, and I love the sock colors!

everything looks very very nice!

Fantabulous job!

Oooooooooooh. Nice. Everything looks great but I :heart: the stockings. Very, very, very nice!