FO and WIP - Ties

After the hideous Skittles tie I decided to try a couple of different tie designs. The finished one is made from Caron Simply Soft Shadows and the WIP is Caron Simply Soft Brites.

They both look great!!!

I love the colours of the green tie. That is sooooo pretty. Great work as usual Mason!

Mason, I LOVE the cabled tie! :slight_smile: The green one is lovely too!

Green is my favorite color :inlove: The cable one looks great too! Don’t forget to model for us :teehee:

Very nice, Mason! You may be able to write your own pattern here soon! :thumbsup:

The more I worked on the cabled one the more boring it seemed to me. I’m trying something different with it and will post a pic if it turns out ok.

OK this is the direction I’m going with the cabled tie. I kinda like it so far.

I like it, too! It sure is bright! :teehee::thumbsup:

I think they both look great!

I love the caron SS Shadows yarn, and the cables look great :thumbsup:

Great job Mason! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Very nice cables. Love the colour! This would look killer with a black shirt!

They both look great!! :thumbsup:

Great job! Are these ties for you, or are they gifts?

Awesome looking, I love the bright color and the design… It looks great!

They both look great.

Very nice! :slight_smile: